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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do You Need Practice Development Solutions?

You have worked hard to establish your practice, and understand it better than anyone else, so why do you need practice development solutions?

The reality is that managing the day to day demands of your practice inevitably takes up most of your time and energy, so getting an objective perspective can be, well let’s just say, enlightening.
or . . . and energy and in today’s business environment – and as you know, medicine today is a business. Being better is more important than ever.

Have you ever actually looked at your practice from your patient’s perspective? When was the last time you walked into the office through the front door and looked at your practice through the eyes of a patient? Do you know how many Healthgrades reviews you have? You get the picture.

All practices whether established or new are competing for patients now more than ever and need to think about whether what you are doing is working. Is your practice growing, stagnant or are you losing your patients to the competition. Do you even know?

Have You or Are You Currently Working with a Consultant/Advisor/Social Media Management Co.?

There are many sources of business “advice”, varying greatly in terms of cost, quality and type of services. Many services focus on the financial component of the practice. Others are part of the influx of companies offering social media services including website development and managing Facebook and Twitter accounts for your practice.

(?)Rather than looking at any one specific area, my focus is many of the components of your practice including . . . . . Remember, you are only as strong as your weakest link. (?)As you go through the decision making process and assess your practice needs, the most important question to ask before committing to working with a company: “Will this service bring patients in the door?”

Most consultants and advisors charge for making recommendations to help your practice but will then disappear and leave you to implement their suggested actions on your own. Wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone that stays engaged and is mutually accountable for the results?

Unique Approach: Hands-on Implementation

Once an action plan is agreed upon, I will work in close partnership with your staff to ensure that together, we implement actions and solutions efficiently and effectively, to deliver the practice growth you are expecting. Also, since I will provide a scheduled amount of hands-on time, I will be able to implement the things your staff doesn’t have the time to do.

Taking a hands-on approach enables me to help manage and ensure that each project is completed. It also means that I take full responsibility for the results of any actions I suggest.

GROWING and PROTECTING your patient base and your practice success is at the core of everything I do and any good idea will only provide benefit to your practice when implemented effectively.

Sustainable Results

I don’t provide quick-fix, short sighted solutions, but solutions that can meet your longer term needs. My goal is to deliver sustainable and impactful benefits while meeting your practice and HIPAA requirements.

I focus on your practice success, so that we can build a lasting relationship working with you and your staff on a long-term basis. The result is cost-effective, impactful practice development solutions and support that delivers results. I am accountable for fully implementing the actions I suggest, making sure you see results.

What Is The Process?

  • FREE Practice Assessment
  • Create an individualized action oriented plan
  • 2-4 days in practice to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your practice needs
  • Hands-on implementation of agreed upon action plan
  • Results

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