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Lori’s professional career as a Business Development and Sales Leader in the healthcare industry has enabled her to develop expertise in patient focused solutions and strategies.  Working closely and in collaboration with hundreds of physicians and practice managers over the past 16 years has provided Lori with keen insight into what makes a successful practice.  Lori has also had experience and success working with medical practices in strategic development, developing an online strategy, website development, and physician outreach programs.

As the healthcare environment has evolved, Lori has evolved along with it and recognized that there was an unmet need in today’s healthcare practices.  Physicians and practice managers voiced that they need someone to objectively evaluate the practice, assess what doable changes can be made that will yield the best results and need someone to offer hands on help to implement these changes.

“Medicine today is a business and differentiating a practice now is more important than ever. Physicians and Practice Managers know that they have to do something but they don’t know where to begin and they simply don’t have the time to implement even the smallest changes that will help them achieve their goals. In addition to a comprehensive assessment and action oriented solutions, we offer hands on implementation.“ My passion is seeing a practice achieve their goals.

People have asked me about the meaning of Argus.  Argus means “all-eyes” or “all- seeing.”

Argus was known in Greek mythology as a giant with a hundred eyes tasked to keep watch.  After Argus was slayed, his eyes were placed onto the tail of the peacock.  And that is how and why the peacock was chosen as the Argus logo.

At Argus, our vision is to always be WATHCHING OUT  for you and for the success of your practice.

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