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Why Argus?

Today, running a practice is more complicated than ever. Argus targets the ancillary services so you can focus on providing exceptional healthcare for your patients.


Argus makes doctors smile



Developing a patient growth and retention strategy

Keeping up with the competitive landscape

Increasing professional referrals

Enhancing the patient experience and patient services

Motivating your staff to provide exceptional patient service

Managing and monitoring all healthcare providers’ online reputations

Consistently increasing and improving online ratings and reviews

Routinely updating your website

Improving practice process and efficiencies

“Lori’s commitment and dedication to my practice success was invaluable.

Her innovative ideas along with her hands on implementation had an immediate impact on my practice resulting in substantial growth in patient volume and patient referrals.  With the implementation of patient friendly tools, I can count on consistently growing positive online reviews.

Lori understood my practice goals and tailored her ideas to best fit the needs of my patients. Lori always kept to her timelines and was a pleasure to work with. I am confident Lori will bring tremendous value to those practices that incorporate her services.”

Dr. Helen 

Argus is focused on the total patient experience.  We look at everything through a patient’s eyes and perspective.

Here are some examples of small changes that yielded a big impact

Goal: To attract and increase a specific type of patient

After a full website review, we made a few simple changes to the website with the goal of acquiring a specific type of patient.  We added additional information that included graphics, videos, additional resource links and keywords.

Results:  The practice saw an increase in more of the type of patients they desired, more patient referrals and positive feedback.

Goal: Increase patient and professional referrals

We created a VIP program for new patients – “Very Important Patient” Program which included a few inexpensive branded promotional products (pen, magnet, personalized footie socks) in a bag along with their patient education.  Patients love this!

Created a warm, inviting, clean waiting room

We created an “it’s all about you” culture

Trained staff on the importance of great customer/patient service skills

Implemented easy, patient friendly tools for physician rating

Results:  Increased patient referrals, physician referrals (because patients do tell the referring physician about their experience), and a constant influx of positive online reviews and testimonials

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