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Reputation Management

What does your online presence say about your practice?


  • Ease of scheduling urgent appointments
  • Office environment, cleanliness, comfort, noise level, etc.
  • Staff friendliness and courteousness
  • Total wait time (includes waiting & exam room)

Does your practice have more than 25 positive reviews and counting?

What are your patients saying about you online?

Physicians need to monitor their online reputation routinely because what you don’t know can hurt you.

What is online reputation management?  The ability to create, manage and monitor one’s online presence.

We can help you create an online presence, deal with negative online reviews and help create solutions to get positive ones.

The following goals are on the forefront of every healthcare provider:

1.)    Acquire new patients and retain current patients (it’s too hard to keep getting new patients)

2.)    Design a great patient experience

3.)    Provide the tools so patients can rave about you online

Before you can get rave reviews, let’s talk about the patient’s journey -

To acquire new patients, the process starts with finding you online.  In today’s environment, most potential new patients will first go online to view your ratings, reviews and your website.

77% of patients used search prior to booking an appointment. (Google)

When you take the potential patient to a new patient then make a great first impression. The first impression starts with the initial phone call (have you called your office lately?).   Good phone skills are vital for taking prospective patients to new patients and new patients to loyal patients.

The patient’s office visit is where you get the opportunity to let patients know that they made the right decision choosing you.  What’s important to patients: wait time (includes wait and exam room wait time), friendliness, cleanliness (have you entered your office through the front door?), and all of the interactions your patient will have throughout their visit.  This is when the little things matter; it can be as simple as keeping patients updated about their wait time, eye contact with a friendly smile, providing current reading material, and maybe a Keurig machine for a cup of coffee.  This is when patients know that they matter.

At the end of their office visit, say “thank you for choosing us” and to ask for the testimonial or rating while providing them with the tools to make it easy to do so.  After all, if all went well, patients will be more than happy to help you out.

Need help getting rave reviews?  Call us, we’re happy to help!

There are many sites for rating physicians and sites where your profile lives.

Here are the top visited sites:

  • Yelp
  • Google+
  • GooglePlaces
With Argus – Your Patients Will Be Saying

“I started going here from reading online reviews and I made the right decision.”

“Everyone is so friendly and the practice really caters to the patient’s needs.”

“My office visit was a great experience and I will definitely recommend this practice.”

“The practice is exceptionally well-run and patient-centered.  Scheduling my appointment was a breeze.”

“This office is beautiful and clean and the staff is friendly, professional, and efficient.  Most importantly, the doctors and nurses are fantastic. The front desk staff was so helpful.  They were considerate and professional upon my arrival. I’m thrilled I’ve found this place.”

What You Hope Your Patients Are Not Saying

“Want a doctor that you have to wait three hours to see even when you have an appointment?”

“This office has a rude front desk staff.  They don’t even acknowledge patients when they check in.”

“I was a patient at this office for many years.  The staff is always rude.  When you call for an appointment, if you’re lucky enough to get one, the average waiting time is 45 – 60 min…Then they call you in and let you sit in the treatment room for another 15 minutes before the doctor comes in to see you.  HORRIBLE patient care! If I could rate this office in negative stars I would.”

Your online reputation is vital to the success of your practice.

These stats might change the way you think about online reviews:

80% of Internet users (59% of US adults) seek online health information [iHealthBeat]

47% of Internet users search for information about doctors or other health professionals     [Pew Research]

77% of patients used search prior to booking an appointment. [Google]

Argus will place you on a

5 Star path

Let’s discuss your goals!